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Music Without Borders

“Music knows no borders.” That was the message that Heschel students in Grades 5-8 took away from an extraordinary performance by Diwan Saz, an interfaith musical ensemble from Israel. Heschel was thrilled to host an exclusive concert by the group that includes Jewish, Muslim and Christian musicians, playing music from across the Middle and Near East. The group sings in five different languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi) and their music, both in spirit and substance, is representative of the ways in which religions and nations in this region have lived and could continue to live in harmony, particularly through artistic collaboration. It’s a powerful group that symbolizes the way that music and art can serve as a bridge to intercultural peace. Quite an alternative to the more common narrative of conflict that dominates the media’s portrayal of Israel and the Middle East. Diwan Saz will be performing as part of the Ashkenaz festival on March 12 at the Aga Khan Museum Auditorium. For tickets or more information, you can visit their website at

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