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We feel so blessed to have found a home away from home for our children. In our search for a school we wanted a community that would help us raise our children to be generous in mind and spirit, thoughtful, reflective and kind. Teachers that would not just instruct but inspire through leadership.   We searched for a community that would nurture a love for learning and understanding both of oneself and the world around. Our children have developed as confident and proud Jewish students under the care of their teachers. Our children have been encouraged and challenged in their emotional, social and academic development through words, music and art. The deep commitment by the teachers and administration is evident in our children’s growth as compassionate human beings, through the thoughts they share and the knowledge integration they exhibit outside of school and through the beautiful intricate work they bring home that takes each traditional subject to the next sphere of learning.

Our children are in kindergarten and grade two and even as a young Heschel family we feel so grateful for the experience our family has had thus far. We have developed deep respect and friendships with each of our teachers over the years. We are so proud to express our gratitude.

Jasmine Eliav,

Our family has been at Heschel for 8 years now, and we have watched our children grow and flourish with each passing year. In addition to the progressive curriculum and sense of community, it has been the teachers who have made this school what it is. They are engaging and dynamic, caring and thought-provoking. They bring each subject to life and they encourage every student to be his or her best, academically and personally. But most of all, I have always been thankful that my sons’ teachers knew who they were, as individuals. As a mother and as a psychotherapist, I know how important it is to be seen, to be truly known and accepted for who you are. The children at Heschel are not only known by their teachers, but celebrated, and for this, I celebrate them.

Natalie Riback,

We have only been part of the Heschel community for less than 2 years, but we have been blown away at the level of commitment all of our son’s teachers embody. They so obviously adore and care deeply about the students, and are genuinely interested in their individual learning and growth. We are so grateful for the contribution they make to our child’s development during these important years of social, emotional, and intellectual development. There is no greater gift than a teacher who is truly invested.

Robyn & Coby Segall,

My favourite project at Heschel was making Kiddush cups out of clay because we are the artist and we can make whatever design we want

Eden, Grade 1,

I visited many schools when searching for my son’s Jewish education. Never did I witness such a cohesive team as I did at The Toronto Heschel School.

Future Parent Evelyn,